What do we do

What do we do?

We are a re-enactmentgroup. That means that we try to portray history as authentically as possible. In our case the portrayal of a cavalry-unit. Our purpose is to give a real insight to what it must have been in those days. Not just for the public but also for ourselves. On many public events but also on events for own unit. During these events we act according to the period cavalry-regulations, concerning drills, weapons, equipment but also conduct. Our bivoaclife is as authentic as possible, so without all modern luxuries. Most of the events will take place during weekends, this can be in The Netherlands but also abroad. Our events start as soon as we get out of our cars. Tents will be pitched and uniforms will be put on. We stay in character all weekend. Most weekends are events that commemorate historical battles (like Waterloo), but sometimes we are asked to give demonstrations in skill at arms and drill. We train for this on special trainingdays but we also train during the events. Training is meant for learning the drills and skill at arms, we expect from our members that they are skilled riders already before joining.