The Historic Cavalry Association ‘En Vedette’ is a re-enactment group. Re-enactment is best described as portraying or reliving history. At this we focus on the life of a cavalryman during the Napoleonic period (1795-1815); which we want to do as realistic as possible. We try to get our equipment and uniforms to the highest level of historical authenticity. This also counts for the equipment of the horses. Life in the bivouac is as authentic as possible in our group. The group takes pride in the care for horses and the love for riding.

Currently we portray three cavalry regiments:

The group participates in events at home and abroad, the highlight every year is The Battle of Waterloo.

Portraying a cavalry unit requires time, effort, riding skills and unfortunately also money. It is, to us, the most beautiful part of re-enactment but also the most difficult one. That’s why we consider comradeship to be one of the highest values of our group. To be able to count on your mates in the field is what it’s all about!